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AvlTree< AVLMEL_CLASSDEF >::Iter Struct Reference

#include <avlcommon.h>

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Detailed Description

struct AvlTree< AVLMEL_CLASSDEF >::Iter

Avl Tree Iterator.

Definition at line 424 of file avlcommon.h.

Public Member Functions

bool beg () const
 At beginning?
Element * decrement ()
 Move to previous item.
bool end () const
 At end?
bool first () const
 At first element?
bool gtb () const
 Greater than beginning?
Element * increment ()
 Move to next item.
 Iter (const IterPrev &ap)
 Iter (const IterNext &an)
 Iter (const IterLast &al)
 Iter (const IterFirst &af)
 Iter (const AvlTree &t)
bool last () const
 At last element?
bool lte () const
 Less than end?
IterNext next () const
 Return the next item. Does not modify this.
 operator Element * () const
 Implicit cast to Element*.
Element & operator* () const
 Dereference operator returns Element&.
Element * operator++ (int)
 Move to next item.
Element * operator++ ()
 Move to next item.
Element * operator-- (int)
 Move to previous item.
Element * operator-- ()
 Move to previous item.
Element * operator-> () const
 Arrow operator returns Element*.
Iteroperator= (const IterPrev &ap)
Iteroperator= (const IterNext &an)
Iteroperator= (const IterLast &al)
Iteroperator= (const IterFirst &af)
Iteroperator= (const AvlTree &t)
IterPrev prev () const
 Return the previous item. Does not modify this.

Public Attributes

Element * ptr
 The iterator is simply a pointer.
const AvlTreetree

Static Private Member Functions

static Element * findNext (Element *element)
static Element * findPrev (Element *element)

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